The key objective of the Inaugural African Awards is to divert the UK and global spotlight upon one of the most diverse and magical food Genre’s on the planet, ‘African Food’. The awards will recognise the unique role in culture, history and present day that food & Drink products (including unrefined ingredients) from the ‘Dark Continent’ play within the global food industry. The AFA’s have been created to belatedly recognise the movers and shakers, the economists, chefs, distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters and employers as well as the Politicians who have been working within the ‘African Food & Drinks industry’ to help elevate it to the crest of the international culinary map. The African Food Awards will constantly promote the new and fundamental phrases that people should now associate with African Food ‘Innovative and Invigorating, Ingredients’.

The Concept

Once a year the AFA’s will put ‘faces’ to the brands, names and stars of this vast food genre. With over 55 countries and states, no continent can offer the shear diversity of food & drink that Africa can offer. The AFA’s will showcase the array of elements, influences and ingredients that are fused into the numerous regional and national African dishes. Africa has provided the world with many of its raw food products and ingredients, which has in turn influenced the world’s economies and modern day products for example ‘palm oil within chocolate bars’. Many food critics believe that it’s now time for Africa share all of its ‘culinary cultures’ with the world at large. The African Food Awards is all about positioning African Food and Drink upon a pedestal from which the entire focus and gaze of numerous commercial and private entities will be placed upon it. The positive images, information and interaction will assist the marked elevation of the food genre onto the culinary radar or map.

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