Business Networking Opportunities

The Business & Economic Opportunity Presented

The Inaugural African Food Awards 2017 is not just about rewarding or even recognising the rising popularity of the African Food and Drinks market. The latter is a high level business networking opportunity with supreme marketing potential. The occasion of the award alongside the campaign will assist in the following

  • Business Networking – Top logistical and operational sectors of the ‘African Food and Drinks’ market will be able to network directly with essential customers
  • Trade and Partnerships – This excellent environment will allow SME’s and large organisations to initiate discussions
  • Marketing & Advertising – The awards will provide the perfect platform for many services to display and promote their unique offerings
  • Political assistance and influence – With a virtual minefield of regulations the awards will provide fertile ground for key issues to be recognised by political and economic leaders
  • The market place – This is the opportunity to display to the world that there is a vibrant and buoyant market place within the African Food and Drinks sector
  • Financial Investors – The awards will also allow banks and other financial hubs the opportunity to take the African Food and Drinks sector seriously


The Further Goals of the African Food Awards

The message that people will process via this proposed ‘awards ceremony’ is that; experiencing African food is all about uncovering a mesmerising journey that will involve each and every sense from touch to smell and taste. At the end of this food adventure the result will change many people’s perceptions of Africa and its food and drinks cultures.

The organisers of the African Food Awards have mandated themselves and the entire project to promote and tackle the following key areas:

  • Promote Inter racial harmony – this can be carried out by using food as a universal medium and almost language, after all we all have to eat and we all enjoy good food
  • Promote Diversity – The magic of diversity is that its result can actually add flavour and actually bring people together in different ways. An example of this is Asian food, out of positive diversity the mystery of Indian food was brought into the British landscape and now culture
  • Creating Micro Economies – A successful African food Industry within the UK will allow business pockets to be formed in formerly deprived areas which will support such restaurant, retailer and other such commercial setups. The latter will create jobs and contributions back to the state
  • Exporting modern British influenced ‘African Food Culture’ – perhaps the British inspired African food culture may one day become a proudly British endeavour, hence pitting the UK as one of the most Diverse countries in the world
  • Increasing culinary choice and heighten culinary experiences – the beauty of food is that it can often become a road of discovery and experience. The latter matches the way humans evolve whilst still keeping their fundamental characteristics or in this case cultures. Instead of losing them food allows people to share them
  • Making the sector revenue generating, business investors and the Government – The growth of this sector would indeed regulate several large importing and food retail areas which serve the African Food Industry in the UK. With quite possibly 1 million plus people as a target market there is certainly a great deal of revenue

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